Improving on prior research in Stereoscopic Imaging and Computer Vision, Project Beyond captures high-resolution 3D 360 videos that can be stored offline or streamed in real-time to provide highly immersive viewing experiences for users with VR headsets. Project Beyond uses patent-pending stereoscopic interleaved capture and 3D-aware stitching technology to capture the scene in an extremely compact form factor. Announced in November 2014 at the Samsung Developer conference, our capturing system, sample footage and immersive viewing experience has been demonstrated at the venue and covered extensively by online media. In addition to bringing high resolution 3D content to the consumer VR industry through Samsung’s Gear VR, Project Beyond has also received great interest from Hollywood studios on how to effectively create next-generation 360 3D cinematic viewing experiences.

For more information please refer to the Project Website

My responsibilities included both research (3D capturing solutions, Computer Vision and Graphics) as well as software development of all prototypes (technical architect of our reconstruction system).