In the field of education, Augmented Reality and other Interactive media have been successfully used at demonstrating concepts or course sub-topics. These demonstrations have to be held as separate sessions of classroom teaching or as supplementary sessions.

In this project we propose the design of a presentation system which takes into account different types of interactive media in building an interactive and structured classroom presentation system. All interactive elements would be part of the presentation system itself and the teacher could use the complete set of sessions or a subset depending upon the needs of his/her presentation.

We describe a classroom presentation as an integrated experience of several sessions where each session consists of interlinked media. The motive is to combine augmented reality with other interactive media to get the best out of each medium.For example ,AR systems are particularly effective in demonstrating concepts which require a real world context/view and VR might be suited for more immersive demos/experiences.

An initial prototype design is shown below:

P-SCAR 4At the teacher’s end ,the teacher controls the flow of the presentation by means of Speech and Hand Gestures and accordingly these events are reflected onto the students application.The Entire Presentation is divided into sessions such as Teaching,Q& A etc. which are managed by the system. An in-depth explanation of the system can be found in our paper .

Some Screenshots of the application are shown below:

1) Teacher’s Application.

P-SCAR22)Conversion Module



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Source Code can be found here