Authentic methods of tea prep greatly improve the taste and experience of having tea .For instance, a chai can be made in a microwave but its taste is very different from a chai made on a stovetop.I have noticed that authentic methods of tea prep are visibly absent in the market.While there are cafes that serve authentic tea ,it is not sustainable for the consumer in terms of time and money to keep spending 5-7 $ for a cup  of tea.

In recent years ,affordable tea makers have emerged in the market (such as the Breville Tea maker) but they either focus on specific types of tea (such as chinese tea) or offer a convenient way to steep and brew loose-tea ,which limits the type of tea you can prepare.

TotaliTea is a device that automates authentic methods of tea preperation and customizes each brew according to the user’s taste and preference(s).A prototype that automates the preperation of authentic chai has been developed but the design can be easily modified to prepare other types of tea.

Have a look at the below document for more details on the project .